Visual Designer / Illustrator

As an integral part of a SCRUM team, I played a key role in ensuring the successful implementation of Agile Methodology. Actively participated in backlog refinement meetings, worked with my team to resolve issues, and helped plan and develop future sprints. I also took part in retrospective meetings to analyze our processes and work towards improvement.

Ensured all marketing materials reflected McKessons new brand following the merger with Change Healthcare. With keen attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of the design was consistent. Additionally helped with the fine-tuning of the copy to ensure that the messaging was clear and impactful.

Contributed to the development of Change Healthcare visual brand by helping with the creation of a comprehensive icon library, with hundreds of unique icons now used throughout all marketing materials.

Worked on web ads, email ads, and other promotional materials while creating visually appealing marketing materials effectively communicating messages to their target audiences. 

Utilized Wrike as a project management tool ensuring all project deadlines were met/completed efficiently.

Michelle Yvonne Ouellette

Phone: 508.330.4395
Address: 52 Peach Tree Drive, Sutton, MA 01590

Art Director/ Graphic Design/ Photography

Specializing in art direction, graphic design, electronic and technical illustration, and photographic needs for clients such as but limited to; Change Healthcare, Sonos, Advanced Instruments, H2O Furnishings, Polyvinyle Films Incorporated, C&Z Marketing and other.


Family Photographer

User Experience / Visual UI Designer / Technical Illustrator

Art Director / Lead Web Designer / Senior Print Designer / Studio Photographer



Specializing in family, newborn, maternity & senior portrait sessions using natural lighting outdoors or in my home studio. Diving into event and wedding phtoography and loving building a portfolio!

As a key member of the UI team, I participate in focus groups and observe user studies in order to refine illustrations for traditional and wordless user guides, resulting in a marked improvement in the user experience.

Lead in highly technical illustration of products for UI and user documentation, including set-up guides, quick-start guides, and owner’s guides for consumer electronic audio products and systems.

Pro actively coordinate deliverable needs with user documentation tech
writers and UI software development teams to meet aggressive deliverable
schedules. Responsibility includes designing and illustrating traditional
and wordless user guides resulting in a significant improvement in the user experience and cost efficiencies.

Visual UI Designer of mobile applications for innovative products creating a world-class user experience. Support a variety of interface types, including rich on-screen displays and mobile App. interfaces. Optimize UI screen layout, icon design, font handling, widget design and text.

Create and maintain Illustration Style Guide to keep consistency with in-house illustrations and outside vendors.

Optimize use of Rhino; a 3-D drawing application to import CAD files into

Create streamlined technical illustrations for Bose packaging for the ‘what’s in the box’ design element



Web Design
Designed and art directed creative for iRobot’s new corporate website, company related internal and external microsites and direct e-mail design campaigns for new product launches and consumer products.

Generated increased interest in robotics by creating; a user friendly, fun educational site for educators and children of all ages while partnering with media release / launch of National robotics week.

Streamlined iRobot’s corporate branding with a comprehensive company-
wide overhaul of, that dictated the unified branding of all
marketing materials, including online marketing and print collateral.

Improved customer’s user experience by redesigning iRobot Customer Care support web interface, and Worldwide Partner Portal.

Print Design
Co-lead art director for concept, design and production of corporate print
materials and core products; Government / Industrial robots and home robots.

Successfully designed all sales collateral upon completion of marketing launch. Created templates and established a standard of excellence while leading other designers to maintain and update collateral annually.

Increased sales six fold with in six months by focusing on innovative concepts, designs, production and distribution of a complete accessories catalog and product sales kit while meeting tight deadlines.

Launched and designed graphics on iRobot’s first kiosk to create a physical
presence in a heavily traveled shopping center. This POS kiosk and innovative
graphics won the SRR’s Annual Visual Victories Award in 2009.

Created an intricate “outside the box” design using unique die-cuts, showcasing iRobot’s home robot  product line for wide distribution at the Digital Life Expo 2007. This one of a kind design won first prize for ‘all applications / best die cut design’ through the Gallery of Superb Printing.

Studio Photography
Initiated the role as iRobot’s primary studio photographer for government /
industrial and home robot divisions.

Vocalized the need for upgraded equipment, lighting and studio space due to the increase in demand of high quality work. Assisted in the coordination of key studio upgrades in order to bring photography in-house, while reducing the lead time and expenses of using an external vendor.

Developed a stylistic approach to the photography that took prominence for both web and print materials for Government and Industrial Robots. The new industrialized look allowed opportunities to appeal to target market, which maximized the effectiveness of marketing robots to the key audiences.

Senior Designer for Marketing Department, Catalog Division, and Contract Division. - Creative development and layout of print materials for three different departments at concurrent times within Staples: Marketing Department, Catalog Division, and Contract Division.

Collaborated in creative groups with writers, editors, photographers, and pre-press department. Partnered with project managers and met with clients to meet their design needs, following the Staples brand identity.

Designed collateral and assisted with the event coordination to help promote and launch ‘Inkdrop’.

Worked on multiple promotional projects for each department from concept to finished design including:

Annual Reports, planners, coupon books, direct mail, brochures, catalogs, weekly circulars, buying guides and holiday inserts. Additional projects included Internal Communications pieces such as PowerPoint presentations, internal logos and the redesign of Staples University collateral.

Lead Designer - Art directed and designed the Slades Bank new logo to mark the beginning of building this client’s new and modernized brand identity.

Senior Designer - Senior Designer creating informational layouts for financial reports.

Senior Designer - Designed packaging, display and direct mail designs.

Production Manager - Temporary role successful fulfilled managing the production for Winsper Incorporated.

Art Director for Inspirational Giftware Company

Art Director / Production Manager
Creative development from the initial concept and marketing objective of a product and / or line to the design and inspirational messaging of the pieces increasing the breadth of products.

Developed innovative package design, display designs and full development of seasonal product catalogs.

Oversaw and managed work flow with assistant designer, freelance designers, photographers.

Managed the delegation of responsibilities and quality of artwork from the screening department, model department, mold makers and outsourced printing companies for catalogs and additional collateral.

Incorporated traditional illustration treatments into artwork attracting target businesses and consumers.

Portal Company

Web / User-Interface Designer
Developed, designed, QA’d, and debugged custom user interface solutions internally and externally.

Implemented design solutions for PortalworkX (proprietary product), and prototyped model UI solutions.



Graphic Designer / Coordinator
Designed, produced, managed and coordinated all POP displays, signs, photoshoots and retail materials

AK MEDIA / MA Outdoor Advertising Agency

Designer / Illustrator
from photoshoots, to preparing designs for both electronic production as well as hand painted Billboards... This was truley an amazing experience.

Corporate Headquarters

Graphics Artist and Traditional Illustrator for Rich's Home Adverising Department in Salem, MA.
Designed and hand illustrated weely circulars to prepare for photoshoots and then take the images to layout the final print materials.


Graphic Design and Electronic Illustration Instructor for Associates Program and Continuing Education.
Course objectives: To provide students with the understanding and knowledge of how to create digital imagery while learning Illustrator, Photoshop and Quark Xpress to develop a strong sense of design for the print industry. In addition to having an enthusiastic outlook towards the medium, students were challenged to push their creativity resulting in building strong, dynamic, creative and well thought out professional portfolios.

Projects began with brainstorming and included conceptualizing, freehand drafting, creating mood boards, and using multi media. Students followed individual projects from the early beginnings of ideas through to the finalized digital artwork and then mocked up their designs for final presentation.


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